07. November 2018
Knowing the business side of things, making the right connections, and keeping an open mind are all important concepts that can be the difference between a successful or struggling music career. Read about my thoughts in Part 2 of 3 in this blog series.

28. September 2018
Many people have asked my advice about how to "Make It" in the music industry. In this 3-part blog, I share some of my personal story as well as some of the pointers I have picked up thus far in this journey of making a career out of being a musician.

23. May 2018
Do I REALLY need a professional to do this job? Having a pro on the job has its advantages, so if you're trying to make some 'budget cuts' by not employing the right people for the right job, weigh up some of the benefits here before you make the final call ;-)~

21. November 2017
The idea with analogies is to try and use a 'familiar experience' to give you something you can relate to my experience of the topic at hand. So, with that being said, here's a page full of concepts that I have found in music which relate to what I deem to be some of the most important topics in life.

30. October 2017
This gig was so 'last-minute' that I didn't even have time to grab my own pair of sticks! I was unprepared, unequipped, and totally in the deep end, but I still managed to pull it off... and these are the tools and skills that I used to not only survive the night but to actually do my job to the best of my abilities!

08. September 2017
Whether you are a beginner drummer, a seasoned pro, a parent looking for a starter drum set for their child, or an event organiser dealing with back-line and touring gear for musicians, this blog will hopefully give you some insight into why drummers are sometimes (and by all rights should be) very fussy about their gear ;-)

10. August 2017
Whether you think your timing is amazing, know your timing sucks but don't know how to improve it, or regularly train yourself to have solid timing, you will always be at a place where you need to either improve or maintain your timing. Here is my take on the most effective ways to do this!