Drum Transcriptions

Trans-Battle Belongs (Phil Wickham)
Adobe Acrobat Document 140.8 KB
Trans-Best Day Of My Life (American Authors)
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Trans-Zombie (Bad Wolves Cover)
Zombie_(Bad_Wolves) Drum Transcription.p
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Trans-My Soul Sings (Delirious)
My_Soul_Sings (Drum Transcription).pdf
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Trans-In Die Middel Van Die Storm (Retief Burger)
IDMVDS - Drum Transcription (fixed).pdf
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Trans-Watch Me (Nick Jonas, from the movie 'Ferdinand')
I Transcribed this tune for a drum student of mine to learn. The drum fills in the choruses might not be 100% exact, but it was close enough for the application. Also, the Bridge break down has a really cool but challenging hi-hat thing going on!
Watch_Me (Drum Score).pdf
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Trans-My God is so Groot (Luidkidz)
Here is a chart I did for a student of mine who wanted to learn how to play this song. Not all the written parts are played on an acoustic drum set on the original recording, but I transcribed it in such a way that the "electronic grooves" can be translated to an acoustic set.
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Trans-JUMP Solos Section (Van Halen)
Most people know the song, but very few have actually attempted to work out the finer details of what Alex Van Halen did on the drums for this tune!
I had to learn it for a show I played, so I transcribed the "Solos" section of the song to help me deliver a true rendition of the song.
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